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Patent for compounds to be applied in designing new medicines

23.07.2020 - 10:47 update 08.09.2020 - 13:16
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Scientists associated with the University of Silesia in Katowicach have developed a method to obtain compounds from the group of triazoles which demonstrate a broad range of biological activity, thanks to which they may be particularly significant in designing new medicines. An example of such pharmaceuticals is tazobactam, administered together with selected antibiotics to protect them against the activity of bacterial enzymes. Triazole systems can also be used for the development of anti-fungal medicines.

Chemists modified the method for conducting the synthesis reaction of 1,2,3-Triazoles, making it even more efficient and selective, as well as reducing the costs of product cleaning, which is especially important for the compounds applied in the pharmaceutical industry. The solution has been covered by patent protection.

The authors of the invention are scientists associated with the Faculty of Science and Technology: Dr Eng. Jacek Mularski, Dr Eng. Mateusz Korzec, Prof. Robert Musioł, Assoc. Prof. Eng. Jarosław Polański, Dr Wioleta Cieślik, Roksana Rzycka-Korzec Msc, Dr Barbara Czaplińska and Dr Jacek Bogocz.

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