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Patent | New fuel additives

19.08.2021 - 11:08 update 23.08.2021 - 08:58
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Chemists associated with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia have developed a method of obtaining organic compounds with the structure of acetals that can be used as fuel additives.

Doping of gasoline or diesel fuel has many advantages. It protects the engine components of vehicles against faster wear, and may also contribute to lowering the noise level during its operation. The use of various types of mixtures also allows to achieve greater engine power and reduce the level of combustion, which translates into a reduction in the amount of pollutants entering the atmosphere. It is worth mentioning the positive effect of fuel additives on long-term storage of fuel.

The compounds obtained according to the patented method and used in the form of additives for liquid fuels have all of the above-mentioned advantages. They allow for regulation of various physicochemical parameters of fuels, such as octane and cetane number, density and kinematic viscosity.

The invention was developed by: Maciej Kapkowski, PhD, Weronika Ambrożkiewicz, MA, Judyta Popiel, MA, Prof. Eng. Jarosław Polański, Prof. Marzena Dzida, Edward Zorębski, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, Małgorzata Musiał, PhD as well as Tomasz Siudyga, PhD.

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