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Summary of the admissions for studies in 2021/2021

12.07.2021 - 13:46 update 13.07.2021 - 15:23
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The admission process for 1st cycle full-time studies and long-cycle studies at the University of Silesia concluded on 11 July. There were 113 1st cycle programmes and 17 long-cycle programmes available in the Online Application System catalogue. The first results of the qualification process will be announced from 15 July.

Popularity of programmes

13,601 candidates have registered into the Online Application System, who altogether registered 18,313 times. The most popular study programmes are: psychology (1715 registered people), law (1278 people), and computer and information sciences (545 people).

The most candidates per spot were at the following programmes:

  • Cinematography and Photography: 19;
  • Psychology: 14.3;
  • Film and Television Directing: 12.4;
  • English Studies: Translation Programme with Korean: 10.3;
  • English Studies: Culture – Media – Translation: 9.8;
  • Human Resource Management: 8.6;
  • English Studies: Translation Programme with Japanese: 8.06.

Admissions results

Candidates will have received the results of the admission process at their accounts in the Online Application System since 15 July. The results will be also published on the internet ranking lists. The detailed information about a specific date and time can be found in the schedule of each study programme at the Online Application System catalogue. Due to the provisions on the protection of personal data, the lists will be accessible only to the candidates registered in the Online Application System.

There will be the second admission process for the study programmes, where the number of candidates does not meet the admission limits.

Dwoje młodych ludzi uśmiecha się i macha. Po prawej stronie grafika przedstawiająca helisę DNA/Two young people are smiling and waving. On the right there is an artwork showing the DNA helix

The graphics promoting the admission process

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