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University of Silesia in Katowice

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“Polar science under the Polish flag” exhibition

07.05.2013 - 11:40 update 07.05.2013 - 11:40
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On 8th of May 2013 an extraordinary outdoor exhibition has been opened opening on the Bankowa street in Katowice. The event is organized by the Polish Polar Consortium.

“Polar science under the Polish flag” exhibition shows brief history of Polish research and effects of explorations conducted by 12 members of the Polish Polar Consortium. It has been 80 year since the first Polish polar expedition to Arctic, under the auspices of the Second Polish Republic. From then on Polish scientists conduct extensive environmental studies in many locations in Arctic and Antarctica.

Scientists from the Faculty of Earth Sciences conduct polar research from 1977, and they are focused mainly on climate and environmental  changes in Arctic, in the context of global warming. 

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