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Polish language courses for Erasmus students among three best EILCs in Poland

27.02.2013 - 00:09 update 27.02.2013 - 00:09
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We are proud to announce that intensive Polish language courses for Erasmus students organised by the University of Silesia School of Polish Language and Culture have been recommended as Erasmus 2012 good practice examples. As part of the evaluation, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System analysed, among others, course syllabuses, balance between language classes and other classes, and instructor-group (course) matching.

In 2012, the EILCs at the School of Polish Language and Culture were taken by a total of 50 students, who in October 2012 commenced studies at various universities all over Poland.

In addition to language classes, students attending Erasmus Intensive Language Courses at our University get to explore various cities and towns in Silesia (Pszczyna, Cieszyn, Katowice, Chorzów) and outside the region (Kraków). Varied course programme is intended to make it easier for international students to get to know and understand not just the Polish language, but also Polish culture and people. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate and 6 ECTS credit points.

For details on EILC in Poland, please go here.





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