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Guests from Ukraine at our university – how can we help them?

28.02.2022 - 12:11 update 03.03.2022 - 13:40
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The situation of threat of direct conflict in which the international community finds itself requires a special commitment from us. The coming weeks will be a real test of our ability to cope with situations that we have only heard about from our grandparents’ stories or a TV screen.

The conflict in Ukraine has made many students, PhD students and scientists leave their cities, universities and homes. Because the academic community functions across divisions and boundaries, we are ready to provide the necessary aid to those in need. That is why a large group of refugees from Ukraine will arrive at the University of Silesia in the near future. The group will also include people who are citizens of other countries and who have been in Ukraine as part of a student or academic exchange programme.

They will find accommodation in student dormitories of the University of Silesia, and start their education and work in our Alma Mater. That is why we sincerely ask the current dormitory residents and all students, PhD students and employees for your understanding. Please, be attentive to the needs of our guests, and help us report any of their needs. Here are some suggestions on what kind of help and behaviours will be welcomed:

  1. People who will be guests of the University of Silesia very often had to leave their homes with only a set of the most necessary things. The University of Silesia community is preparing fundraisers and in-kind donations to help meet these basic needs. However, if you are willing to help on your own, any such initiatives are welcome. The person who can help you properly target those in need and prepare you for volunteer work is our Plenipotentiary of the Rector for Help for Ukraine, Sylwia Ledwoch (phone number: 573 490 580, e-mail: pomagam@us.edu.pl). The University Council of the Student Government of the University of Silesia will also help you organise the support.
  2. Very often simply talking and showing encouragement by taking an interest in the other person’s problems and needs is the best support. We ask all members of our community who will be interacting with our guests to make them feel at home with us.
  3. Student dormitories as well as University of Silesia buildings enable the organisation of meetings – we encourage you to organise such meetings (of course observing the necessary sanitary regime rules). Meetings can be helpful in coordinating support for those who had to leave Ukraine. They can also be a great opportunity to get to know each other and identify the needs of our guests.
  4. The students and PhD students we take on at the University of Silesia will be given the opportunity to continue their studies. They may need support in organisational and formal matters, adequate preparation for participation in classes, etc. Please, be attentive and supportive in this area as well.
  5. We will also host people who have just started their studies. It is worth remembering that in the education system in Ukraine studies start earlier than in Poland. Because of that, we are to host 16-17 year olds for whom the experience of war, moving to an unfamiliar place and country, and starting education in a foreign country can be overwhelming. Let’s pay special attention to the needs of people in this situation. Plese remember that our guests can benefit from psychological help provided by the University of Silesia (you can contact us about this at 573 490 580 or by writing to the e-mail address: pomagam@us.edu.pl).

All information about activities supporting Ukraine and helping refugees can be found at: us.edu.pl/en/ukraina.

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