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Over PLN 1 million for Scientific and Artistic Achievements for Employees of University of Silesia

21.01.2020 - 10:50 update 03.02.2020 - 11:51
Editors: AJS
Tags: awards, quality-focused programme

Almost 300 employees of the University of Silesia received prizes for their pro-quality activities in 2018. The best scientific and artistic achievements were honoured, and the total amount of awarded bonuses exceeded PLN 1 million.

The prize amount depended on the type of achievements and ranged from PLN 1 thousand for the best granted applications even up to PLN several dozen thousand for the most outstanding monographs, top-scoring research papers, most important works of art and patents received.

One-off financial bonuses were awarded under subsidy as part of a broader initiative – pro-quality programme of the University of Silesia for the following activities:

  • top-scoring publication record,
  • outstanding monographs,
  • most important works of art,
  • obtained research grants,
  • submitting an application for the funding of a research project in an external grant competition,
  • exercising the role of an expert in international grant competitions,
  • and  invention activities, including the biggest individual contribution in the exclusive rights to invention projects (patents and utility models).
PRO-QUALITY PROGRAMME IN FIGURES. PLN 1,006,000 – scientists from the University of Silesia awarded with pro-quality bonuses, 297. submitted grant applications: 340,000, 152; top-scoring articles: 200,000, 26; outstanding monographs: 55,000, 7; second-level monograph author: 30,000, 1; most important works of art: 84,000, 10; ideas for patents, utility models and industrial designs: 55,000, 40; experts in international grant competitions: 46,000, 18; obtained research grants: 196,000, 43.

The pro-quality programme budget in the next edition will amount to as much as PLN four million.

As part of this initiative, the competition for the funding of scientific internships („Staff Mobility”) will soon be launched. Detailed information about the programme can be obtained from the Science and Research Department at the University of Silesia (e-mail address: dnb@us.edu.pl).

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