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Discover the thematic areas of the EuroScience Open Forum 2024 conference

16.11.2023 - 09:46 update 16.11.2023 - 09:46
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Recruitment for the EuroScience Open Forum 2024 international conference is underway. The conference will be held on 12–15 June 2024 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. Speeches, discussions and debates will take place within six thematic areas:

  • Energy Transition

The energy transformation means changing the way energy has been delivered and used so far. Its success, which is obvious from the perspective of the inhabitants of the post-industrial region, requires a balanced approach, both technological and social, based on dialogue to develop common solutions.

  • Sustainable Environment

Each human activity, especially leading to improvement of the quality of human life, puts inevitable pressure on the natural environment. The ESOF conference gives you the opportunity to look at ecosystem changes from different points of view, understand, reflect and try to adapt or slow down the negative effects of human activity.

  • Cultural Identities and Societal Transformations

The arts and design combined with science can disenchant complex topics, be an impulse to look further and deeper, and ask uncomfortable questions. They often engage in topics that are key to the modern world, such as demographic changes and migration crises. They can also initiate the process of transforming social stereotypes and make the feeling of being “from here” fill us with pride.

  • Changes Within Scientific Excellence

The understanding of scientific excellence is constantly undergoing transformation. We would like to analyse the newest trends and conditions for excellent scientific research, look into the key scientific policies and the changes currently taking place in world’s science; we will attempt to understand their causes and effects.

  • Healthy Societies

Innovative research in chronic disease prevention, strategies for promoting mental health, health education, epidemiologic studies, health needs assessment, and the impact of environmental factors on health are the major topics of the conference sessions. They will discuss therapeutic techniques, physical activity as a way to improve one’s mental health and the significance of environmental protection for public health.

  • Digital Transformation

The networked world, increasingly saturated with digital sensors monitoring all areas of human functioning, is changing its face. The Internet of Things, combined with the implementation of machine learning methods and artificial intelligence models, opens a new range of widely available opportunities for scientific participation.

We invite you to read the detailed descriptions of the areas on the website www.esof.eu/esof2024-thematic-areas and join the conference in one of the leading areas. Registration instructions can be found at www.esof.eu/call-for-applications.

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