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Perspektywy University Ranking 2024

26.06.2024 - 21:15 update 28.06.2024 - 10:48
Editors: JW

The University of Silesia in Katowice took 8th place among universities in the Perspektywy University Ranking 2024, which is an advancement of two positions compared to last year’s edition. Among all academic universities, we advanced four positions, to 26th place. We have been classified highly in categories such as educational conditions, scientific effectiveness, prestige, scientific potential and internationalisation.

Patents and protection rights – University of Silesia with an excellent result

The University of Silesia is the leader among classical universities when it comes to patents and protection rights in Poland. During the three years covered by the ranking analysis, we obtained a total of 118 patents. It is worth noting our advancement in the category of patents and protection rights abroad, in which we took 5th place, advancing by six positions.

We can boast of 8th place among universities in the category of scientific potential, as well as 5th place among universities and 10th place among all academic universities in terms of staff saturation with people with the highest qualifications. Particularly noteworthy is the first place of the University of Silesia in terms of staff exchange in the internationalisation category.

Increasing quality of education at the University of Silesia

We took 7th place among classical universities in the category of educational conditions. In the case of the availability of highly qualified staff indicator, we recorded an increase by three positions, taking 6th place among academic universities. We have recorded significant progress when it comes to the accreditation criterion. Significant contributions to this success were the Education Excellence Certificates awarded to us this year by the Polish Accreditation Committee in the category of excellent degree programme − excellence in education for Environmental Protection and Sociology degree programmes.

The highest-ranked degree programmes offered by our University this year are:

  • Polish Studies (5th place, advancement from 6th place);
  • Geography (5th place);
  • Geology (5th place, advancement from 6th place).

The following degree programmes recorded the greatest advancements compared to 2023:

  • Political Science advancement of 5 places (to 6th position);
  • Sociology advancement of 5 places (to 11th position);
  • Tourism and Recreation advancement of 4 places (to 12th position);
  • Environmental Protection advancement of 3 places (to 11th position).

The following degree programmes also improved their position:

  • Biotechnology (long-cycle studies),
  • Chemistry,
  • History,
  • Cultural Studies,
  • Special Education
  • Theology.

Scientific excellence, obtaining research funds and university prestige

We recorded a significant increase in the indicator of awarded academic degrees and titles, advancing by 5 positions. Our effectiveness in obtaining external funding for research has also increased.

We took 9th place among universities in the prestige category. We strengthened our position in the international recognition index, moving from 9th to 8th place. This criterion is determined based on the university’s position in global academic rankings published in 2023, such as: ARWU, THE, QS, USNews, Leiden, FT and Webometrics.

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