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University of Silesia in Katowice

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T4EU Week | Halfway point

12.05.2022 - 15:22 update 12.05.2022 - 16:34
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Over 300 people are participating in the pilot edition of Transform4Europe Week in Katowice organised by the University of Silesia. The programme includes debates, workshops, shows, and meetings, as well as the opportunity to get to know the region and socialise – this is what the participants of this unique event celebrating the T4EU alliance, can expect from 9 to 13 May 2022. The event programme and photo reports are available at www.transform4europe.eu.

zielone i niebieskie kwadraty

We are at the halfway point

On Wednesday 11 May Transform4Europe Week moved to Cieszyn. On that day, meetings were held between members of the Management Board and four virtual offices created as part of the alliance: Virtual Communication Office, Mobility Office, Mobile Entrepreneurs Office, and Quality Assurance Office. The representatives of the offices met for the first time outside of the virtual space, talked about tasks carried out together, and shared good practices.

grupa osób

Photo by Radosław Aksamit

The participants of the event visited the Faculty of Art and Educational Science of the University of Silesia to take part in the artistic day. It was an opportunity to get to know not only the specifics of the faculty’s activity but also the city’s most important monuments. The visit began with a performance by students of the Institute of Music of the University of Silesia and the space was made more attractive by the virtue of the displayed works of students from the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Silesia.

widok na Cieszyn
Photo by Tomasz Puszer

The programme also included workshops for students, doctoral students, and employees. At the lithography workshop, guests could learn how prints are made from lithographic stone, design their own prints, and then produce them on their own in a flat printing press.

During the artistic glass workshop, various techniques of working with artistic glass were presented. Visitors designed and made small mosaic and jewellery forms using the fusing technique and learned how to fire glass in a hotpot furnace.

As part of the comic book workshop, visitors had the opportunity to create their own cartoon characters based on prepared materials. The workshop was preceded by an introduction to creating human characters and the distinctive features of a superhero character.

In turn, the participants of the art therapy workshop reflected on what failure and success mean to them. To express their thoughts, they used the collage technique.

There were also vocal workshops and memory training with music and movement.

warsztaty artystyczne
Photo by Radosław Aksamit

The evening included a presentation of Paulina Poczęta’s exhibition “Fauna i zmora” at Galeria 12 and a concert at the National House in Cieszyn, featuring artists from the Institute of Music of the University of Silesia and the Madame Jean Pierre band. This music group is made up of the Institute’s graduates.

grupa osób w Cieszynie
Photo by Tomasz Puszer

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