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Tour de Pologne 2023 in Katowice – temporary changes in road traffic

01.08.2023 - 14:21 update 02.08.2023 - 10:26
Editors: AJS

On Thursday, 3 August 2023, the next part of the Tour de Pologne cycling race will take place in Katowice. The start and finish of this year’s stage are located: in the vicinity of the campus in Katowice, in the Culture Zone and in the vicinity of Spodek Arena. Therefore, temporary difficulties and changes in the organisation of traffic in a large part of the city are expected.

Detailed information on this subject is available at katowice.naszemiasto.pl: Tour de Pologne 2023 in Katowice: What traffic difficulties will you encounter in connection with the cycling race – MAP and on the website of the race organiser: www.tourdepologne.pl.

Mapa Katowic z zaznaczoną trasą Tour de Pologne 2023 w Katowicach Tour de Pologne 2023 in Katowice. Materials of the race organiser: www.tourdepologne.pl

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