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Flying Week in the City of Science: 27 May–2 June 2024

23.04.2024 - 14:40 update 12.06.2024 - 11:13
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Tags: 50 tygodni w Mieście Nauki

Week #21: Flying Week

Date: 27 May–2 June 2024

  • Curator: Jarosław Kozuba, PhD, DSc (Silesian University of Technology)
  • Producer: Robert Wieszała, PhD, Eng. (Silesian University of Technology)

Description of the week

Week #21 of 50 Weeks in the City of Science is the Flying Week. The event is part of the European City of Science programme, which will last throughout 2024.

For some, aviation is a lifelong passion, for others it is a way of life, and for others it is an unfulfilled dream of being a pilot, stewardess or aircraft mechanic. Regardless of which of the above approaches we follow, aviation as an industry branch is of great importance for state defence, passenger and cargo transport, is an important field of scientific research, and is an increasingly popular form of recreation. The fact that it covers a number of specialties, e.g. piloting, aviation engineering, aviation mechanics and operation, air traffic control, aircraft design and manufacturing, etc., means that we can undoubtedly classify them as interdisciplinary areas of science. Modern technologies and the use of increasingly new materials in the aviation industry mean that modern aircraft can be treated as an indicator of technological progress on a global scale.

Flying Week will be an excellent opportunity to present the state of aviation in a global, European and regional context. The highlight of the week will be air shows combined with numerous special events addressed to representatives of all age groups living in the Silesian agglomeration.

Selected events:

  1. Aviation Industry Day (Katowice) – popular science conference, job fair for aviation companies; aviation knowledge competition for secondary school students in the following specialties: aircraft mechanics technician and aircraft avionics technician;
  2. Air Transport Day (Katowice–Pyrzowice International Airport ) – popular science conference on air transport in Poland and around the world; presentation of technical equipment of companies operating at the Katowice–Pyrzowice airport; aviation knowledge competition for secondary school students in the field of: port and terminal operation technician, airport operational services technician;
  3. Unmanned Aerial Systems Day (Planetarium – Silesian Science Park) – popular science conference on the use of unmanned aerial systems in civil and military aviation; presentation of unmanned aerial vehicles, competition for secondary schools on knowledge about the safety of UAV operations;
  4. Day of aviation education, education and training (Katowice – building of the Silesian University of Technology) – popular science conference on the issues of education in aviation professions; presentation of the achievements of scientific groups of universities educating
    in aviation professions, and in the evening there will be a meeting of aviation generations;
  5. Air Show (1st Day) (Katowice-Muchowiec Airport) – drones and flying models, and in the evening a night drone show. The event will be combined with numerous activities for children and teenagers;
  6. Air Show (2nd Day) (Gliwice-Trynek Airport).

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Profile of the curator and the producer

Jarosław Kozuba, PhD, DSc, Eng., Assoc. Prof. – research and didactic employee, director of the Central and Eastern European Civil Aviation Personnel Training Centre at the Silesian University of Technology. Expert in the field of aviation safety and aviation technology. Author/co-author of over 180 scientific articles and 19 academic monographs/textbooks. Former pilot of the Polish Air Force, communicator of aviation education and training at universities.

Robert Wieszała, PhD, Eng. – research and didactic employee – training manager at the PART-147 Technical Service Mechanics Training Centre of the Silesian University of Technology. His work focuses on issues related to environmental protection in transport. He is the author/co-author of over 100 scientific articles. In his free time, he likes hiking in the mountains and reading fantasy books .

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