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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Birth date: 14.09.1913

Date of death: 16.04.2004

Award date: 07.10.1985

UŚ Senate resolution date: 02.04.1985

Application date: 05.03.1985

Applying unit: Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Humanist, sociologist, professor and rector of the University of Łódź (1952–1956). From 1964, a regular member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, its vice-chairman and director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. President of the International Sociological Association (1966–1970), a chairman of the Council of State of the Republic of Poland. Foreign member of The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, honorary member of the American Academy of Art and Sciences, National Academy of Education (USA). Deputy to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (the Second, the Sixth, the Seventh and the Eighth Term). He received an honorary doctorate degree from the Masaryk University (1966), the University of Łódź (1973), the University of Warsaw (1979) and the University of Paris.

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