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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Prof. Josif Aleksandrowicz BRODSKI

Country of residence: the USA

Birth date: 24.05.1940

Date of death: 28.01.1996

Award date: 22.06.1993

UŚ Senate resolution date: 19.04.1993

Application date: 12.01.1993

Applying unit: Council of the UŚ Department of Philology

Russian poet and prose writer (poems: A part of Speech, Roman elegy, End of century, Stop in the desert, Venetian stanzas, To Urania; plays: Marbles; essays: Less than One, 20 sonnets to Mary Stuart). Nobel Prize for Literature winner (1987). Philosopher of word and speech, friend of Poland and the Polish, defender of individual freedom and its ethical perseverance.

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