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Prof. Tadeusz Lewowicki

Award date: 4 June 2019

USil Senate resolution date: Resolution No. 340 of 26 March 2019

Applying unit: Council of the Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Science

Prof. Tadeusz Lewowicki is one of the most outstanding contemporary pedagogues of recognized international authority. The founder of a scientific school for multilateral pedagogy and intercultural pedagogy, a respected author of numerous publications aimed at the development of the theory and practice of education, an indefatigable promoter of the latest pedagogical and educational ideas, a mentor and teacher of many generations of science workers, and the initiator and founder of a scientific school of research on culture and education in the borderlands.

Wykład prof. Tadeusza Lewowickiego
Lecture by Prof. Tadeusz Lewowicki during the ceremony of awarding the title of an honorary doctorate degree. Photo by Julia Agnieszka Szymala

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