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Development Strategy 2012-2020

“Thinking about the future in terms of opportunities and threats is a necessary condition for the existence and growth of each institution, university included. Timeless objectives of the University of Silesia are set forth in its Mission Statement. However, changing social and economic conditions create a need for determining strategic objectives subordinate to the Mission Statement and Vision, and ways of accomplishment thereof. Therefore, it became essential that a mid-term strategy setting out directions for the development of the University of Silesia until 2020 should be drawn up.

In times of globalisation, development strategy of the University of Silesia must correlate with fundamental directions for the development of universities in Europe and around the world. These in turn reflect short- and long-term objectives and challenges that societies are facing and that are set forth in development strategies of various, respective, countries.

Poland’s National Development Strategy for the period until 2030 has been set forth in the document Poland 2030. Third wave of modernity. Long-Term National Development Strategy and in the National Reform Programme. Development trends set out therein stem from global, European and Polish determinants of civilisational growth, and combine EU objectives with Poland’s domestic priorities. The European context thereof has been presented in the document Europe 2020 – a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’, which is a point of reference for strategy Poland 2030 and University of Silesia — development strategy for the years 2012-2020.”

Full text of Development Strategy 2012-2020 of the University of Silesia can be found:

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