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VIR Virtual Gallery is Now Open

04.05.2023 - 12:54 update 05.05.2023 - 14:04
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Pomieszczenie, w którym prezentowana jest wystawa. Widać na ścianach obrazy, na parkiecie stoi monitor

A part of the exhibition available at the VIR Virtual Gallery

The Faculty of Arts and Educational Science of the University of Silesia in Cieszyn together with the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ostrava created the virtual art gallery — VIR. The website features exhibitions from the University Gallery in Cieszyn and the GAFU Gallery in Ostrava, among others.

The main aim of the project is to raise the quality of cooperation between the universities situated in the Polish-Czech border area in terms of artistic exchange through the creation of a joint virtual exhibition space. It allows us to present the scientific output of employees, students, and graduates of both faculties as well as other artists’ works. In addition, it raises the quality of joint, cross-border artistic exhibition activities and creates a gallery space accessible from all over the world and without time constraints. It is also an effective educational tool or an alternative way of experiencing art for people with mobility issues or those who live far away and thus cannot visit these galleries.

Opening exhibitions are:

  • 7th International Graphics Triennial Gdańsk 2022
  • Topografie hnízda — a collective exhibition by educators from the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava,
  • My eyes will break through, spewing forth like a – Klára Kusá,
  • Z papieru na ekran [From paper to screen] — a poster exhibition by artists from the USil Institute of Fine Arts and invited guests.

The VIR Virtual Gallery is available at www.vir.us.edu.pl.

The initiative was implemented as part of the EU Interreg PL/CZ project.

Instalacja artystyczna na przezroczystym blacie

The main objective is to increase the quality of cooperation of the universities in the Polish-Czech border area in terms of artistic exchange

Kilka plakatów na ścianie

The initiative was created as part of the EU Interreg PL/CZ project

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