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Promotion of employers

If you are an employer that is looking for ways to contact potential job candidates, you want students to get to know your company, you want to encourage them to apply now or in the future, then the Career Office team can support you in this.


Training and workshops

Employers willing to share their industry knowledge can take advantage of the opportunity to conduct training, the recipients of which will be the students or graduates of the University of Silesia. Courses taught by specialists in a given field consitute an opportunity for participants to learn directly about the issues and the specifics of the industry; employers, in turn, gain the opportunity to meet interesting candidates for positions. This form of activity is also an effective method of promoting the company’s image among the members of the academic community.

Training of this type is customarily directed to a group of dozen or so recipients and implements the usage of active methods. It is designed to help the participants to acquire soft or specialized skills (e.g. computer skills) and provide support for future career planning. The duration of the workshop, a minimum of 3 hours, facilitates a thorough discussion of the topic; in addition, it also helps with better understanding of trainees and their expectations.

The training of this type is recommended to companies interested in the cooperation with a selected group of students: active, entrepreneurial, willing to deepen their knowledge.


Presentation of an employer

There are two ways to present the company’s operations combined with initial recruitment at the university.

  • the lecture and multimedia presentation is a form recommended mainly to large enterprises whose brand is recognizable. This form allows direct contact with a large number of students interested in learning about the company’s structure, its organizational culture, the specifics of work, as well as recruitment activities. The purpose of the presentation is to present the company’s activities, current recruitment needs and requirements for specific jobs. The meeting can also be an opportunity to pre-select future employees by collecting CVs of candidates and conducting a preliminary interview.
  • the presentation in the form of a stand organized at the selected faculty of the university creates the opportunity for individual discussion with people interested in obtaining information about the company and employment in it. It also makes it easier to reach students with a specific education profile. An attractive or unconventional way of organizing the stand will certainly increase the number of potential recipients of the offer, and the all-day presence at the faculty of employer representatives will contribute to consolidating the company’s image in the minds of students as well as employees of the faculty. As in the case of multimedia presentations, this form of promotion allows the initial selection of employees with the desired qualifications. The Career Office of the University of Silesia provides full service for the enterprise.


Other forms of the promotion of an employer

The university also allows the promotion of the company by means of advertising media: roll-ups, banners or stands with leaflets and folders located at the selected faculty (in the so-called circulation area). The presentation may relate to the promotion of the company as a potential employer or it may be connected with specific job offers or internships. The advertising medium is displayed for the period indicated by the company.

In addition, employers have the option of placing posters in lockable information boards located at selected faculties. These boards are located in places frequently visited by students, so that information about promoted initiatives reaches a wide audience.

We would like to encourage you to contact the Career Office in order to discuss details or choose appropriate actions to meet the company’s needs.

Career Office of the University of Silesia
Rector’s office, Bankowa 12
40-007 Katowice
tel.: +48 32 359 19 82
e-mail: bk@us.edu.pl or careercentre@us.edu.pl

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