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Fundraiser for urgent needs of Ukrainian students and their families

26.02.2022 - 17:54 update 03.03.2022 - 13:12
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The community of the University of Silesia supports students from Ukraine and their families financially! It’s an official fundraiser: zrzutka.pl/k8n5fy.

For many young people from Ukraine, as well as their families, our university has now perhaps become their only safe home. We will provide all members of our community and their families in need with a warm place to live, help them find a job and normalise their lives so that they can continue their education and live in a free country. Now, however, these people need basic help – food, the ability to provide for themselves, a sense of safety, and even the simplest sanitary supplies. A simple talk and feeling that they are not alone at this diffcult time are equally important.

Our possibilities of helping as a community, together with our partners, are enormous. So it’s time to make use of them. War creates a feeling of helplessness, but by helping its victims, we can act for the good. There are nearly 300,000 of us (graduates, employees, students), and together with the University’s partners who are always with us at good and bad times, we can change the dramatic fate of the victims of the ongoing war.

In addition to the fundraiser, which will support students and refugees from Ukraine, our employees also organise collection of clothes, sanitary products etc. You can be sure that every thing and every penny you donate will help them to start a safe life in Poland.

Please, support our students and their families. They are your friends, your students. They are young people who once chose the University of Silesia as a place of their dream studies and a chance for a better life.

In addition to Ukrainian citizens, the University of Silesia also helps international students who have studied in Ukraine and had to urgently flee from it. We are currently accomodating them in our dormitories and arranging for continued safe travel to their homes around the world.

They need our help.

You can contact our Plenipotentiary of the Rector for Aid for Ukraine (Sylwia Ledwoch, phone: 573 490 580), and report both the need for help, and support initiatives, including the willingness to individually engage in help (food collection, support in finding a job or a flat, medical assistance, etc.).

Link to the fundraiser: zrzutka.pl/k8n5fy

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