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Remote Contact with Dean’s Offices, Foreign Language Teaching Centre and Centre for Physical Education and Sport

16.03.2020 - 17:11 update 27.03.2020 - 17:04
Editors: MJ

During the suspension of classes, all student affairs previously handled at the Dean’s Office will be resolved by e-mail or phone. Important: due to call redirection to mobile phones, the employees have no possibility to call you back. Please keep calling them patiently. Dean’s Offices will continue to work basic office hours in the university buildings (to the extent possible in the current situation), but we suggest trying to handle all matters by phone or e-mail in the first place, in order to reduce the presence of students at the University. To make contact easier, Dean’s Offices established general e-mail addresses, but you can still write to the individual addresses of ladies and gentlemen who work there.

In order to submit a letter or application by e-mail, please (1) print and sign it, and (2) send to the e-mail address of your Dean’s Office indicated below, with the relevant explanation, scan or photo attached. You have two options:

1) send the whole application;

2) send the page with signature and the whole application in electronic form (.doc or .pdf format)

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