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Instytut Fizyki im. Augusta Chełkowskiego


A.Konefał, S.Blamek, A.Wrońska, A.Orlef, M.Sokół, M.Tajstra, M.Gąsior
Radioactivity induced in new-generation cardiac implantable electronic devices during high-energy X-ray irradiation.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 163: 109206 (2020) PDF

N.Młyńczyk, A.Konefał, A.Orlef, M.Sokół, J.Rostocka, W.Lniak, B.Gawełczyk
Innovatory production of radioisotopes 117mSn, 186Re and 188Re for laboratory tests and the future application in nuclear medicine.
Acta Physica Polonica B, 51(3): 867-872 (2020)
DOI:10.5506/APhysPolB.51.867 PDF

A.Konefał, W.Lniak, J.Rostocka, A.Orlef, M.Sokół, J.Kasperczyk, P.Jarząbek, A.Wrońska, K.Rusiecka
Influence of a shape of gold nanoparticles on the dose enhancement in the wide range of gold mass concentration for high-energy X-ray beams from a medical linac.
Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy, 25: 579-585 (2020) PDF

N.Młyńczyk, A.Konefał
117mSn — the promising radioisotope for use in nuclear medicine.
Acta Physica Polonica B Proc. Suppl., 13(4): 943-948 (2020)
DOI:10.5506/APhysPolBSupp.13.943 PDF

A.Wrońska, J.Kasper, A.Anees Ahmed, A.Andres, P.Bednarczyk, G.Gazdowicz, K.Herweg, R.Hetzel, A.Konefał, P.Kulessa, A.Magiera, K.Rusiecka, D.Stachura, A.Stahl, M.Ziębliński
Prompt-gamma emission in GEANT4 revisited and confronted with experiment.
Physica Medica, 88: 250–261 (2021) PDF

B.Gawełczyk, A.Konefał
Determination of slow-neutron fluence rate using the gamma-ray spectroscopy.
Acta Physica Polonica A 139(3): 280-283 (2021)
DOI:10.12693/APhysPolA.139.280 PDF

A.Konefał, M.Bieniasiewicz, J.Wendykier, S.Adamczyk, A.Wrońska
Additional radiation sources in a treatment and control room of medical linear accelerators.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 185: 109513 (2021) PDF

M.Błażkiewicz, A.Konefał
The Monte Carlo simulation approach to verification of the attenuation factors k for isotropic gamma-ray sources commonly used in industry, medicine and science.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 190: 109816 (2022) PDF

N.Matuszak, M.Kruszyna-Mochalska, A.Skrobała, A.Konefał, A.Ryczkowski, P.Romanski, I.Piotrowski, K.Kulcenty, W.Suchorska, J.Malicki
Monte Carlo computation of photon energy spectra in central axis of flattened and unflattened beams and doses in critical organs in a water phantom model of prostate radiotherapy.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 198: 110211 (2022)

A.Konefał, A.Orlef, M.Sokół
Application of therapeutic linear accelerators for the production of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine.
Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering, 28(3): 107-116 (2022)

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