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Procedure for appointing a PhD supervisor and auxiliary supervior valid in the academic year 2023/2024

PhD student, while applying for the appointment of a supervisor:

  1. Prepares an application for the appointment of a supervisor and submits it on paper, with appropriate signatures, to the Office for Evaluation and Service of Institutes (Biuro Ewaluacji i Obsługi Instytutów) proper for the institute to which the Phd student is assigned. Application template:
  2. Necessary attachments to the application:
    • certificate of doctoral student status (issued by the Doctoral School office)
    • copies of admission documents: supervisor’s opinion and draft research plan (in case of PhD students admitted by a grat or project: opinion of the candidate for a supervisor and description of the doctoral project)
    • a statement about the attribution of achievements to the discipline: załącznik nr 3a do tekstu jednolitego (1) (must be in Polish!)
  3. After submitting the application, the doctoral student completes the information form:

Scientific council of the discipline:

  1. Receives applications from doctoral students and considers them at the meeting.
  2. Issues resolutions on the appointment of a supervisor, separately for each doctoral student.
  3. Submits resolutions to the doctoral student and to the Doctoral School office in paper form.

The Doctoral School

  1. Put received information into the POLon system.
  2. Stores documentation in the doctoral student’s personal file.
  3. Creates a database, completes data in USOS.

The person conducting the process in the SD office is Ms. Agnieszka Szewczyk (agnieszka.a.szewczyk@us.edu.pl).
Ms. Agnieszka Filipowska is responsible for supplementing the information in USOS in the Doctoral School office (agnieszka.filipowska@us.edu.pl).

First-year doctoral students submit applications within one month of starting their education.
The scientific council of the discipline appoints a supervisor no later than 3 months from the start of the doctoral student’s education, and no later than 45 days from the submission of the application by the doctoral student.
Doctoral students who already have a supervisor appointed and want to apply for the appointment of a second supervisor or an auxiliary supervisor or the dismissal of a supervisor or auxiliary supervisor are not limited by specific deadlines.

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