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University of Silesia in Katowice

Doctoral School

Implementation-based doctorate

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education “Implementation-based doctorate” programme is a quality-based and solid form of enterprises’ and other institutions’ cooperation with the world of science. The programme enables employees of such entities to cooperate with universities as doctoral students. Implementations to be achieved in such cooperation are innovative solutions translating latest scientific advancements into everyday practice.

The University of Silesia is currently leading about a dozen implementation-based doctorates, in such disciplines as Earth and environmental sciences and materials engineering. The University is also ready for projects in other disciplines, including social sciences and humanities.

The rules of the programme are available on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s website: Information about initiating the Implementation-based doctorate programme (Polish only)

If you are interested in participation in the programme or have any questions, please email us: szkola.doktorska@us.edu.pl.

Curriculum for implementation-based doctoral students

Doctoral students working on an implementation at their enterprise or institution are its full-time employees, which is why the Doctoral School prepares a special curriculum for them. It enables the students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the University of Silesia’s best researchers, while the form and time of their education are personalised and adjusted to their needs. Implementation-based doctoral students enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other doctoral students, including access to the university’s resources (laboratories, libraries, databases, etc.), participating in classes organised for other doctoral students and applying for research and mobility funding.

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