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PhD student's statement for evaluation purposes

Each PhD student indicates one discipline to which his or her scientific achievements may be assigned. A PhD student submits a declaration at the beginning of the education at the Doctoral School, and in and if he or she changes the discipline, he or she shall submit it again. The declaration form is attached as Appendix 3a to the ordinance No. 168/2020 of the Rector of the University of Silesia (in Polish only).

Document in Polish: zalacznik_nr_3a_do_tekstu_jednolitego

Document in English: zalacznik_nr_3a_do_tekstu_jednolitego ENG (just for information – the document must be filled on the Polish form)

Caution: as an official document, it should be delivered in Polish version – English version is attached here for informational reasons.

Scientific achievements assigned to the evaluation

A PhD student who published an article in a scored journal or published a monograph or published a chapter in a monograph published in one of the publishing houses on the ministerial list, reports this achievement to the Library of the University of Silesia on an ongoing basis.

Link to the form: https://ciniba.edu.pl/system-e-zgloszenie/

At the end of each calendar year, the doctoral student submits to the office of the Doctoral School a list of their achievements for the entire calendar year. In the case of a list submitted for the first time – from the date of commencement of education at the Doctoral School, and in tha case of the person completing education – until the date of completion of education. If thera are no achievements, the doctoral student submits an empty statement. The Doctoral School office forwards statements to the institutes.

The statement must be consistent with the publications listed in the Employee Portal (Portal Pracownika – data collected on the basis of the doctoral student’s declaration submitted to the library).

Form: wykaz osiągnięć – załącznik (in Polish – this document must be filled on Polish form)

Form in English – list of achievements – eng – just for informational reasons

Scientific achievements of PhD students during the evaluation of disciplines and for other needs

The Doctoral School forwards the evaluation achievements of its PhD students to the relevant institutes which decide on the use of these achievements in the evaluation of the discipline.

The list of achievements is also collected at the Doctoral School and can be used for popularization or statistical purposes, and may also become the basis for awarding additional scholarships (if established).

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