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Individual research plan

The individual research plan is a description of the research and development activities carried out and planned, which aim is to prepare a doctoral dissertation. A PhD student shall present his or her research plan to the dean of the Doctoral School, approved by the PhD supervisor (supervisors / supervisor and helping PhD supervisor) no later than 12 months from the date of start of education, in the Polish or English version.

IPB contains descriptive information about the planned doctoral dissertation, the schedule of works on the doctoral dissertation (including the planned date of its submission), as well as planned publications, conference presentations, queries, internships and other activities important for the planned dissertation, as well as the budget. The plan also contains the opinion of the supervisor (supervisors, auxiliary supervisor).

IPB is subject to evaluation by the  Committee, and needs to be approve by the appropriate area Coordinator at the Doctoral School. Both the Committee and the Coordinator may propose or require changes to be introduced in the plan before to its approval by the Dean of the Doctoral School. The detailed procedure is presented in the form of an order or information from the Dean.

New template for IPB

for PhD students who started education in academic year 2020/2021

Act no. 1/2021 of the Dean of the Doctoral School establishes the IPB template in Polish and English language version and the template of the annex to IPB.


1. Indywidualny_plan_badawczy_SD_US_2020-2021 (pl)

2. Individual-research-plan_SD_US_2020-2021 (eng)

3. Individual-research-plan_SD_US_2019-2020 (eng)

4. Aneks_Indywidualny_plan_badawczy_SD_US_2020-2021 (pl)

5. Annex_Individual_research_plan_SD_US_2020-2021 (eng)

The template of the annex is also valid for PhD students who started their education in the 2019/2020 academic year. Version prepared for this PhD students:

3a. Aneks_Indywidualny_plan_badawczy_SD_US_2019-2020 (pl)

4a. Annex_Individual_research_plan_SD_US_2019-2020 (eng)

A form of IPB implementation report:

1. Sprawozdanie_Indywidualny_plan_badawczy_SD_US_2020_2021 (pl)

1a. Report IRP 2020-2021 (eng)


A new IPB model for PhD students who started their education in the 2019/2020 academic year

Based on consultations with evaluation committees and supervisors, the Dean of the Doctoral School decided to update the IPB model for doctoral students who started their education in the 2019/2020 academic year. The amount of data to be provided has been increased, and a descriptive section and space for opinions have been added.

Doctoral students are required to read the new document, to fill in the gaps and submit the corrected IPB by January 8 at the Doctoral School office in two identical versions in terms of content, both containing the opinion of the supervisor / supervisors / supervisor and the auxiliary supervisor:

  • in the form of modified file (docx or compatible) to the address phd.plan@us.edu.pl
  • in paper version with the signatures of the doctoral student and supervisor / supervisors / supervisor and auxiliary supervisor. In the case of a persistent or increased epidemic threat, a scan of the document should be sent to phd.plan@us.edu.pl (in one e-mail with a modified version), and the paper version should be delivered within the time limit set by the office.

A new template of an individual research plan – Polish version: Indywidualny_plan_badawczy_SD_US_2019_2020_ver_2_0

A new template of an individual research plan – English version: Individual research plan_SD_US_2019_2020_ver_2_1

Important notes about filling the IPB

Preparation of the plan should be a precise and lengthy process. The doctoral student has a whole year to prepare it and during this time he or she can use the support of his or her supervisor, conducting classes on similar issues in the first year of education (expert tutoring, scientific research methodology, preparation and implementation of a research project, research ethics, scientific career planning and academic development), as well as the offices of the Doctoral School (e.g. in the field of budget planning).

When planning, the doctoral student should think about the obligations related to the education cycle at the Doctoral School, so most important is preparation for the grant project until the end of the second year and participation in a foreign internship or presentation of research results at a foreign scientific conference by the end of the academic year.

The doctoral student presents a plan of tasks for the entire duration of the doctoral dissertation. Also items such as publications, conference presentations, queries and internships should be planned for the entire period. It is understandable that in diffrent scientific disciplines the cycle of publications and conferences is various and most often it is impossible to precisely plan, for example, conference trips three years in advance. This, however, does not release the doctoral student from the obligation to plan how to present and publish research results. This has important meaning to plan the project budget. By creating the schedule of tasks, the doctoral student also plans the time to close the next stages of work on the doctoral dissertation. Knowing the time of the planned completion of a given task, he should therefore be able to plan that he will present the research results, e.g. at an international scientific conference. When planning long-term, it is not necessary, if such data is not available, to provide precise dates or the conference organizer, but to plan the number and nature of such activities.

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