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Inter-Institutional Bilateral Agreement Concerning The Implementation Of A Join Doctoral Program Leading To A Double Doctorate Diploma


The University of Silesia in Katowice and the Sapienza University of Rome agreed on the Join Doctoral Program which leads to a double Doctorate Diploma in the discipline of:

  • Literary Studies,
  • Linguistics,
  • Cultural Studies
  • Studies in English Literatures, Language and Translation


Goals of the Program (in particular):

  1. The acquisition of up-to-date critical and exploratory skills that will allow candidates to pursue specialized researches in the field of English language and literatures as well as in those cultural and disciplinary areas that are connected to them
  2. The acquisition of competences in regards to history and periodization of literature
  3. The acquisition of competences in regards to analysis of text
  4. The investigation of theories, methods and approaches developed within Translation and Adaptation Studies
  5. The Program finishes with the preparation of joint doctoral dissertation, join doctoral defense and awarding the double Doctorate Diploma


Rights and Obligations

The participants of the Program will be, at the same time, the doctoral student at the University of Sapienza in Rome and at the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Therefore they are entitled to rights and obligations valid at the both universities. These are inter alia:

  1. To respect the institutional obligations established in statutes and regulations in both Universities
  2. Each doctoral student will be granted full access to both Universities’ facilities, e.g. library, courses and grants
  3. Each doctoral student must be registered at both Universities in accordance with the applicable law; each student is obliged to fulfill all obligations related to registration (in details see: Admission and Registration)
  4. Each doctoral student must attend all obligatory courses at the University of Sapienza in Rome and at the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice (in details see: Obligatory courses)
  5. Each doctoral student has the right (and the obligation) to participate in the international mobility in order to spend at least 6 months in the partner University (in details see: International mobility)
  6. Each doctoral student must conclude the individual agreement (in details see: Co-tutelle agreement)

Admission and Registration

  1. The candidates wishing to participate in the Program should express their interest to the coordinator of the Program at both Universities. Both Universities set up special Committies (one at the University of Sapienza in Rome and one at the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice) which consist of representatives of both Universities (at least one representative of the partnering University).


  1. Each University concludes separately its own admission which must comply with the applicable law. While there might be specific admissions set up, both Universities agree that the candidates admitted to the Program will have an excellent command of the English language and an adequate knowledge of the English-language literary tradition.


  1. The University of Sapienza in Rome, as well as the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Poland, will admit two doctoral candidates per annum. It is possible to admit more than two candidates per annum but it requires the additional approval of the partner University.


  1. Once the doctoral candidates are selected, the office of the partner university informs the other university of the admission. Then, the candidates are obliged to comply with formalities at the university – the list of the required documents as well as the whole procedure depends on the hosting university (see Documents required at the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice).


  1. Registration and tuition fees will be paid to the home University and be exempted by the host University. Doctoral candidates, who are admitted to the Program, will be provided with the scholarship when it is required by the law applicable in the hosting country.


  1. The Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice and the University of Sapienza in Rome and the doctoral candidate will sign the individual co-tutelle agreement where details concerning the dissertation and degree award will be defined.


Documents required at the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice

  1. Social insurance (the document, unfortunately, is only in Polish. The guiding instructions in English will be provided) – the following dates are requires: name, surname, ID document identification, date of birth, citizenship, sex and address
  2. Scan of the Master Diploma – you need to prepare also the sworn translation and apostile – it is required by Polish law and there is no way to be realized from this obligation.
  3. The ORCID number – https://orcid.org/ – First go to the website: www.irk.us.edu.pl, change to English and sign to create an account (“I understand and accept the conditions”). You should receive an identification code: 0000 … Then you can go to second step: Application for open studies, in which you provide your address and information about your education. The final step in this process is to choose the discipline: Linguistics or Literary Studies or Cultural and Religious Studies, and then choose open admission and no fees.
  4. Please also generate a survey from the IRK system and send a scan of this signed document





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