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Ninth issue of No Limits — USil popular science journal

16.04.2024 - 12:04 update 18.04.2024 - 11:59
Editors: OO

The ninth issue of No Limits, a biannual popular science journal of the University of Silesia promoting research undertaken at the University was recently published.

Challenges in education are the topic of the latest issue. You can read there about early childhood development support and art education, which plays a crucial role in the education process. Intercultural education making it easier to open up to the ‘stranger’ turns out to be of significant importance as well. The biannual also addresses the acquisition of basic biological knowledge that helps us make rational and responsible decisions related to environmental protection, as well as the future of climate education in Polish schools. The newest issue also includes articles on the use of video games in education, digital education, and the role of AI tools in higher education. It also includes information on an educational escape room and research on adult attitudes towards education.

No Limits is published on certified ecological paper separately in Polish and English.

Have a nice read! You can find past issues on the journal’s webpage.

No Limits cover story: Challenges of Education with logos of the University of Silesia and the European City of Science 2024

No Limits ninth issue cover: works by students from the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Silesia created in 2023-2024 as part of the course Basics of Graphic Design, instructors: Łukasz Kliś, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor and Sebastian Kubica, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor: Agnieszka Just, Magdalena Andrzejewska, Maja Zylbert, Julia Szczęsna, Magdalena Wilczek, Klaudia Pietrasz, Eliza Zawadzka, Anna Kachan. Theme: Present day dangers and paradoxes.

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