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University of Silesia in Katowice

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„No Limits”

Logo czasopisma „No Limits”/„No Limits” magazine logo

“No Limits” is a new popular science journal at the University of Silesia in Katowice. We use an attractive format to present interesting, innovative, and important scientific research which is conducted at our university, or in cooperation with the University of Silesia.

The semi-annual journal is addressed to a wide audience, especially to those who are interested in discoveries in the world of science, innovative solutions, technology, as well as new materials and technologies. The first issue was dedicated to the subjects related to climate change.

No. 1(3)/2021

The next issue of the journal is available on ISSUU platform:

„No Limits” – cover of the journal
„No Limits” – cover of the journal


description: issue 01(03)/2021 Download the journal in pdf

An author who hated movie adaptations of his books

All oure activities leave a digital footprint

Intelligent systems for enhanced decision-making

Stanisław Lem. A fantasist who gave names to his dreams

Studying memory processes in the brain

To hear the Other

Science fiction tells us nothing about the future

A smart residence or a smart resident?

Social insects and birds as models for swarm intelligence

Tardigrades – superhero and sleeping beauties

„No limits” is released in two language versions: Polish and English, each in 1,000 copies. The journal is published on certified ecological paper.

Previous issues

 Download the journal in pdf

In the Search for Chemical Water Contamination

China – a Giant with Feel of Terracotta?

Science News

Plagues in Medieval Poland

Problems with Water in Cities

Recovering Rainwater

Stop the Water!

Stuttering is O.K.

Letting the Traces Speak

Why Does the Universe Consist Primarily of Matter?

The Natural Human Fight vs Viruses

Graphics with caption No. 1(1)/2020 Download the journal in pdf

Science News

Rescuing the Most Valuable Relics of Medieval Libraries

The Holy Viking

Tracking the Forgers of Painting Signatures

A Flying Laboratory Checks Air Quality

Global Warming Is Speeding Up

Cereals Resistant to Drought Stress

Fascinating Microworlds

Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutic Industry

The Newest Trends in Implantology

Experimental Projects Supporting Rehabilitation

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