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[ONLINE] Conference of young film experts at the University of Silesia

03.06.2020 - 14:21, update 16.07.2020 - 13:35
Editors: OO
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Student research group of film experts at the University of Silesia “Kinotok” is organising a conference for young film experts entitled “Fetishes, props, symbols. The importance of objects in film genres”, which will be held online. The event is addressed to students and doctoral students who are interested in acadmic discussions on cinema.

The subject of the meeting will be the significance of objects in film genres, whose function frequently goes beyond pure ornamentation or background elements. The event will be an opportunity to reflect on the role of objects as symbols, fetishes, props and fragments of iconography in film genres.

Participation in the conference is free. You can apply to take active part in the conference until 5 July (abstracts of up to 1,500 characters should be sent to: kinotok@us.edu.pl).

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plakat: konferencja młodych filmoznawców UŚ „Znaczenie przedmiotów w kinie gatunkowym”

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