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[ONLINE] Ecological Thinking Club: “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things”

06.04.2021 - 13:58, update 13.04.2021 - 10:19
Editors: OO

The guest of the 67th meeting of Ecological Thinking Club will be Julia Butterfly Hill, an American ecological activist, writer, and motivational speaker, who for over two years lived in gigantic 55-metre-tall and 1500-year-old California redwood tree to prevent loggers from cutting it down. The interview will be hosted by Prof. Piotr Skubała (Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Silesia) and Dr Ryszard Kulik (Workshop for All Beings). The meeting will be broadcast on Facebook (in English) and on YouTube (in Polish).

Julia Butterfly Hill has established the Circle of Life Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to transform the interaction between humans and nature. She has also contributed to the “We The Planet” project, which sets standards for eco-friendly festivals, events, and music tours in the United States. She is a co-founder of Engage Network, a non-profit organisation that trains small groups of civic leaders to work toward social change, and also the “What’s Your Tree” initiative that encourages people to find a passion that will guide their lives.

The meeting is organised by: the Ecological Thinking Club, the Metropolis GZM, the University of Silesia

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