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Scientific Premiere Stage | How to Talk to James Bond

06.12.2021 - 15:41, update 14.12.2021 - 14:23
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When watching the adventures of James Bond, we focus on the main character; however, every mission is supervised by Bond’s superior. Anna Majer, PhD, together with Piotr Mamet, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor have written the book The Discourse of M. devoted to the analysis of the management style by M – Agent 007 superior. The book has been published by the University of Silesia Press, and the authors will talk about the publication on 14 December in the 1st episode of the 2nd season of the Scientific Premiere Stage.


From MI6 With Love

M has an essential influence on how the plot unfolds. It is M who calls Bond to the office, presents him with the current situation, sets targets, and informs him when he is to show up at the airport. Sometimes M rebukes Bond for his levity, criticises his lifestyle, and sometimes is concerned abound Bond’s health. M may talk to Bond in a cold and dry manner, only to say an ironic remark about James’ love affairs. M is seen in both routine situations and dramatic scenes; thus, there were so many of them in 25 films that the authors of The Discourse of M. had rich material for their analysis.


You Only Live Four Times

Almost 60 years have passed since Dr. No, the first film about the 007 adventures. Naturally, the cast has changed with the lapse of time. Although in the case of James Bond and Mrs Moneypenny, we can see six actors and four actresses impersonating the same person, Bond’s successive superiors are different people. In their book, Prof. Mamet and Dr Majer write that Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench, and Ralph Fiennes portray different people representing different times, with different personalities, and various visions of their work on Her Majesty’s Service. All these factors contribute to a complex and fascinating figure of a superior to the most famous spy in the history of pop culture.


Plakat Sceny Premier Naukowych. Naukowego talk–show. Pod napisem data 14.12.2021, godz. 18.00 ONLINE. Pod napisem zdjęcie gości podpisanych: dr Anna Majer, prof. Piotr Mamet. Jak rozmawiać z Jamesem Bondem. W górnym lewym rogu logo UŚ. W lewym dolnym rogu ikona mikrofonu z podpisem: Prowadzenie Jarosław Juszkiewicz. Obok po prawej stronie ikona YouTube z napisem Transmisja i linkiem do kanału uczelnianego.

The graphics promoting the meeting


Discourse Never Dies

Times are changing, the MI6 role and actors too; consequently, language changes as well, which is the scientific interest of Prof. Mamet and Dr Majer. Before we reach the dissection of compliments, orders, and instructions given by M, the authors of The Discourse of M. present us with an extensive theoretical background. From the general points (terms and concepts related to the discourse and language pragmatics) to more details (summary of the contemporary research on the language in James Bond films); they have written their analysis within the scientific framework and in an accessible way.


Licence to Watch

No Time to Die is the 25th film about the 007 adventures that has pulled in crowds all around the world. Its premiere was barely two months ago; thus, the movie is not analysed in The Discourse of M.

The coming meeting will open the 2nd season of the University of Silesia Scientific Premiere Stage. It might be a great opportunity to ask the authors about their feelings about M in No Time to Die.

The meeting will be hosted by Jarosław Juszkiewicz, a journalist, science communicator, ambassador of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, and a graduate of the University of Silesia.

Join us on Tuesday, 14 December at 6.00 p.m. – watch, ask, comment!



The event will be broadcast via the University of Silesia Facebook and YouTube Channel.

The event will be translated into Polish sign language.

We would like to remind you that the previous meetings are available on the University YouTube Chanel.

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