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Scientific Premiere Stage | The role of women in science

Broadcast: Facebook YouTube | Weronika Cygan |   The Nobel Prizes have been awarded every year since 1901. By 2022, as many as 221 people were awarded in the field of physics. However, this number includes only four women. One of them, Prof. Donna Strickland, will be a guest on the Scientific Premiere Stage. Robbed...


Tradition, dance, and song | Scientific Premiere Stage

Online broadcast: Facebook YouTube In their case, tradition does not only mean cultivating folk dresses, songs, and choreography; it is also over 50 years of performing on stages in the region, country, and the world. The Student Song and Dance Ensemble “Katowice” does not rest on itslaurels and each year writes new chapters in its...


Scientific Premiere Stage | Hold your nose before elections and cast a vote!

Broadcast: Facebook YouTube Autumn is coming and with it the new, third season of the Scientific Premiere Stage. For a good start, we invited two scientists from the University of Silesia; they will tell us about their new book where they eloquently describe important social psychology experiments. Each of them may help us understand the...


Do we need education? Meeting with Prof. Tadeusz Sławek

Do you remember Pink Floyd’s children’s choir singing they need no thought control and dark sarcasm? In his essay “A jeśli nie trzeba się uczyć…” [What if we don’t need to learn…], Prof. Tadeusz Sławek presented his vision of education as a journey free from patterns the students protested against in the song. Soon he...


Scientific Premiere Stage | How to Talk to James Bond

When watching the adventures of James Bond, we focus on the main character; however, every mission is supervised by Bond’s superior. Anna Majer, PhD, together with Piotr Mamet, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor have written the book The Discourse of M. devoted to the analysis of the management style by M – Agent 007 superior. The...


SPN with Prof. Andrzej Woźnica | Clear water around us?

The topic of the 12th edition of the Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show will be water. Together with our guest, Prof. Andrzej Woźnica from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, we will discuss the condition of Polish rivers, lakes, and other reservoirs. We will also talk about a certain ambitious research expedition. Water is the...


SPN: Prof. Marian Kisiel | Intertwined fates of poets

What do seemingly unrelated Polish, Russian, and Jewish poets have in common? During the 11th edition of the Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show, we will talk with Prof. Marian Kisiel about how different languages and experiences of the characters of his newest book intertwined into a certain whole. Emil Zegadłowicz, Jerzy Liebert, Anna Achmatowa,...


SPN: Milena Dutkowska | To be a hero… just for one day

“We can be heroes… just for one day” sang David Bowie in one of his greatest hits “Heroes.” Is it as simple as in these legendary words? What if the loss and fear want to take our biggest dreams? During the 10th edition of the Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show, we will think about...

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