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GEPARD | GEPARD team on the International Congress on Education Quality

02.01.2023 - 14:24 update 02.01.2023 - 15:52
Editors: AJS

The GEPARD team participated in the International Congress of Education Quality, which took place in Katowice on 16th -18th November2022. The aim of the initiative was to exchange experiences, undertake joint initiatives and work together to continuously improve the quality of education.

During the Congress:

  • nearly 20 foreign universities were represented,
  • selected projects (Erasmus+) were presented and discussed,
  • the International Day was attended by about 45 participants from various countries, including those representing: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Malta, Spain and France.

The event was a meeting place for students, researchers, people creating and organizing academic education and people responsible for monitoring the quality of education. The assumptions of the GEPARD project were presented at the poster session, during which we discussed the possibilities of equalizing opportunities and strengthening diversity in the academic environment, and shared the good practices and results of project activities.

The GEPARD threads appeared during the Congress in various ways:

  • we conducted a panel chaired by our project leader, prof. Ewa Jarosz, our colleagues shared good practices – Roderick Vassallo held the presentation entitled “We are here! Diversity, equality, integration and support at the University of Malta Junior College” and Dr. Magdalena Półtorak attempted to answer the question of whether Gender Equality Plans can change the academic reality;
  • we carried out workshops on how to look for effectiveness in including gender equality in teaching, which were conducted by our colleagues from the project – Dr. Jolanta Klimczak and Dr. Magdalena Półtorak;
  • we presented a poster about the assumptions of the project during the part devoted to diversity during the International Day.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the materials summarizing the presence of the GEPARD team at the event:


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