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Research Excellence Initiative | „Open access. How to publish in open access?” guidebook

16.02.2021 - 14:55 update 23.02.2021 - 18:20
Editors: MK
Tags: idb, nauka, open access, otwarty dostęp, publications, publikacje, Research Excellence Initiative, science

Due to numerous questions on the possibility of publishing scientific articles in the so-called open access, a special guidebook to the concept of open access has been prepared. Thanks to this, every reader who uses the Internet, may have access to reviewed scientific literature – without fees, logging or other technical requirements. On the other hand, academics and teachers have gained new possibilities to share research results and educational content.

The website of Research Excellence Initiative contains the most important information e.g. on the rules of publishing in open access, possible sources of funding such publications, as well as database of open access journals. Both readers and authors of scientific articles will find there many practical guidelines. They will also find out what is worth noting when choosing the journal and what are the differences between open access and hybrid open access journals.

Please read the materials which present step by step how to share safely the results of scientific research in Open Access online.

Grafika prezentująca symbol otwartego dostępu (otwarta pomarańczowa kłódka) oraz napis Open Access

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