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Analogue games as the cure for post-COVID fog | Research by Tomasz Kopczyński, PhD

| Olimpia Orządała | Many people who suffered from COVID-19 complain of brain fog. It is a syndrome of neurological symptoms consisting of, e.g. impaired concentration and short-term memory, disorientation, and fatigue. Brain fog can occur in various diseases such as auto-immune diseases, borreliosis, neurosis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently, it is often heard as...

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How has the pandemic affected inmates’ lives? Research by A. Jaworska-Wieloch, PhD

| Olimpia Orządała | Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world introduced numerous restrictions to counteract the spread of the harmful virus. Schools were closed, remote work was introduced, facemasks and keeping social distancing were recommended. The restrictions affected each of us, including inmates in penitentiary units. During the pandemic, various types of correctional...

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