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Message of gratitude for the University’s community for support and aid for Ukraine

04.03.2022 - 16:39 update 11.03.2022 - 11:48
Editors: K.St

Dear All,

Within the early hours of Russia’s act of aggression in Ukraine, not only I but probably most of you have felt anger and helplessness. What could be done by people from the University who engage in a peaceful profession very remote from what is happening on battlefields? What can we do in order to oppose evil, destruction, and death?

Yet almost instantly that helplessness has turned into the certainty that we can do a lot, thanks to you. From the first hours when the refugees – Ukrainian citizens, our students, their families, and representatives of other nations studying or working in Ukraine affected by the life-threatening war – appeared on the campuses of the University of Silesia, they have received immediate help.

The scale of this help is touching and grows within all aspects – material and financial aid, advice, expert support, or translation and interpretation. We could count on your help and involvement in any problem. Thanks to you, the University has shown its most wonderful face. It has shown itself as an institution the greatness, role, and possibilities of which exceed beyond the basic missions of expanding knowledge and teaching. It turns out that our power to make things happen are much bigger and today we can funnel it toward those in the greatest need.

I am grateful and proud of us and you as the University and its community that proves the values it serves are realised in practice. Thank you for that. We should not stop in this aid, as most probably it will be needed for a long time.

Thank you.

Ryszard Koziołek

The Speech by Prof. Ryszard Koziołek – the Rector of the University of Silesia


The message of gratitude is also available at https://youtu.be/5TA-KMWuGuw.

If you wish to help Ukraine citizenships, you can support the University of Silesia activities financially and materially:

Fundraising for medical aid for Ukraine

Thanks to the joint initiative of the University of Silesia and the Hospital in Czeladź, the transport of medical devices and first-aid measures to the Hospital in Khmelnytskyi is planned for the end of next week. The request for help we have received directly from the Director of a field hospital equipped with 760 beds, 200 of which are intended for the war victims, soldiers and civilians. The Director requested help in supplying the hospital with medicines and medical devices, which – as guaranteed by the facility personnel – will be used to offer the victims of war help to save their health and lives.

Together with the hospital in Czeladź, we plan to send the supplies in a fully packed truck, which will depart to the hospital in Ukraine with basic first-aid measures. In order to purchase a proper amount of medical materials, it is necessary to gather around PLN 100,000. For now, we have collected altogether PLN 42,000.

If you wish to support the fundraising you can make a donation to the account of the Palliative Care Association “Nadzieja” operating at the Hospital in Czeladź. The fundraising is supported and co-organised by the University of Silesia.

You can send money to the account: 56 1560 1010 0000 9010 0006 1687 (Getin Bank SA) with a note: Hospital for Ukraine


Fundraiser for the needs of Ukrainian students and their families


Every day we welcome families and relatives of our students, PhD students, and employees from Ukraine. They come to Poland with what they could get away with – few personal belongings, little financial security. In turn, our students from Ukraine who have already settled in Poland try to provide protection for their families, sometimes at their own expense. The University wants to take possible care of all those who have found their temporary home at the University. The collected funds are planned to be used to purchase food, meet basic personal, social, living needs, as well as pay financial aid or scholarships that will help students successfully and safely finish their studies. Nearly 400 people from Ukraine study at our University; all of us can help them in a better life.

You can support the fundraising by the official University of Silesia fundraising via https://zrzutka.pl/k8n5fy.


Collection points


Please, mark the gifts from the list in this file with the word “FORMULARZ” (e.g. mark them with piece of paper). Items marked in this way should be left in the basket with the inscription “FORMULARZ – ZAPOTRZEBOWANIE”, which is located in the Rectorate (Katowice, ul. Bankowa 12), near the porter’s lodge.

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