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Phraseology courses and textbooks in French, Spanish and Italian

04.03.2021 - 09:36 update 08.03.2021 - 09:23
Editors: OO

Online courses in phraseology in French, Spanish and Italian have been developed and are available at Navoica.pl, as part of the project “Phraseodidactics e-learning courses in French, Spanish and Italian”, headed by Assoc. Prof. Monika Sułkowska, Professor of the University of Silesia from the Institute of Linguistics. The project is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).

The phraseology e-learning courses are designed for foreign language learners with at least level B language competence. Courses are divided into smaller units, which allows for a gradual development of phraseological competence in the selected language. Each unit contains the necessary linguistic material, examples of usage of relevant phrases and a wide variety of exercises. Moreover, they include many interesting facts about phraseology presented in a simple and accessible way. Visual and audio elements are used frequently to facilitate learning. The courses on the platform are free of charge and available for everyone.

The second edition of phraseodidactic courses takes place from 1 March to 30 June 2021. Registration on the platform is open from 1 March to 15 June 2021.

In addition, textbooks on phraseology in French, Spanish and Italian edited by Assoc. Prof. Monika Sułkowska, Professor of the University of Silesia, and published in print in 2019 are available in the bookstore of the University of Silesia Press.

The textbooks are helpful in acquiring and refining phraseological competence in foreign languages. Their straightforward composition consisting of thematic chapters and answer keys allows for independent study. Other than that, the textbooks can also be successfully used by teachers during classes in a successive or selective manner. In each chapter there is a glossary of thematically related phrases together with the explanation of their meaning, as well as examples of their use and a variety of exercises that facilitate memorization of newly learnt structures and their use in one’s own language communication.

For information on the phraseodidactic courses and phraseology textbooks visit: www.kursyfrazeo.us.edu.pl.

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