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Rector’s letter to students

08.09.2021 - 14:41 update 19.04.2022 - 11:08
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Dear Students,

I hope you receive the letter while using your September holidays, and that it will address your impatient questions about the education process in the coming academic year.

Without further details (which you will receive soon), it is with great pleasure that I announce that we come back to the University of Silesia on 1 October. We return to the walls of our University, and most importantly we return to each other after the long-lasting time of seclusion and distance.

Studying is much more than classes and lectures. It is the everyday presence and co-creation of a unique community, which perceives science and knowledge as the key value for the development of a unit and society. Without this co-presence, your academic education will not be fulfilled.

We are closely tracking information regarding the epidemic, we do not underestimate the risk of another wave, which is reflected in the organisation of the coming academic year. In the following weeks, we will inform you about these solutions and the rules for checking in and living in the student residence halls.

Regardless of the course of the epidemic, the most effective measure we have against it is the vaccines. May the easy scepticism does not obscure your rational concern for your health and responsibility for others. A great majority of our University employees had the vaccine taken due to these reasons. Numerous of our colleagues passed away without having the opportunity to see the vaccine come into use. Do not solely trust the strength of your young organisms; may your health and life be governed not by chance but by reason and science.

Stay healthy and see you soon at our University.


Ryszard Koziołek

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