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Marek Drąg | Review of Office 365 apps for education

18.05.2020 - 11:15 update 18.05.2020 - 11:15
Editors: OO

Marek Drąg from the HR and Internal Communication Department at the University of Silesia in Katowice prepared a review of Office 365 apps for education, which are useful for remote work.

| Marek Drąg |

There are a number of apps intended to make remote work friendly, as well as to improve the effectiveness of communication and organisation of individual work and teamwork. However, their multitude may quickly overwhelm us. Additionally, the use of software, which is highly evaluated in the market, but belongs to different manufacturers, may generate difficulties with the compatibility of data transfer between the apps used at work, as well as bear problems with sharing data with your colleagues. In fact, the installation of another app, due to its use by a colleague, and the resulting necessity to get to know its functionalities, may cause irritation and unwillingness to apply IT solutions. Therefore, in the first place it is worth checking the capacities of the app accessible by the University employees and students, belonging to a single manufacturer, which ensures high compatibility between particular programmes.

Please see a short review of apps available in Office 365 for education. It is worth noting that free Office 365, available for employees and students as part of Microsoft for Education offer, has restricted functionalities when compared to full Office 365 package. Not all functions, which we can see on the Internet in various types of tutorials, will be available in the app version which is in your possession. To make things easier, the available programmes have been divided into three categories:

  1. „Fundamental” – their use enables communication with your colleagues, sharing files/information; they have basic or/and advanced tools for work organisation and time management.
  2. „Additional” – this category includes simple apps which may facilitate the implementation of specific tasks, are not very popular, or may serve as an additional communication channel.
  3. „Advanced” – this category includes solutions that allow to combine data from other applications, intended for managing connections and advanced edition of resources published in Office 365.

Download the review of Office 365 apps for education (Polish language)

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