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Cryptocurrencies – a fraud or technology of the future? | Scientific Premiere Stage

25.11.2022 - 09:56, update 02.01.2023 - 12:10
Editors: wcyg

The 27th Scientific Premiere Stage took place on 24 November; this time, the event was dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Our guests were Przemysław Kudłacik, PhD Eng. from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia and Piotr Dąbrowski, PhD from the Department of Banking and Financial Markets of the University of Economics. The meeting was hosted by Marta Paluch, a journalist from Radio eM.

How come digital currencies achieve such huge values? How does the blockchain system work? To what extent does the cryptocurrency market impact the global economy and how much does it depend on it? Can major global players predict fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and will we ever have a stable cryptocurrency? All these questions have been pondered on by our guests.

Quick reminder: the previous meetings are available on the University’s YouTube Channel.

The Scientific Premiere Stage is co-organised by the Metropolis GZM.


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