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Roma Research Centre

At the Roma Research Centre, we deal with the issues surrounding Roma identity and culture. Our mission is to create a platform for the exchange of experiences, build interdisciplinary research teams and conduct joint research, not only on the domestic, but also on the international level.
Both in Poland and in Europe, there are only local research centres focusing on the subject matter, and international institutions are rather administrative in their nature. We would like to change that.

zbliżenie na dłoń osoby dorosłej trzymającej dłoń dziecka


Detailed information on the activities carried out at the Centre.

More about research

otwarta książka


Information on scientific publications and events.

More about initiatives

osoba podpisująca dokument, zbliżenie na dłoń


Information about domestic and foreign partners.

More about cooperation


Prof. Hristo Kyuchukov from the Faculty of Arts and Educational Science of the University of Silesia is the Director of the Roma Research Centre.

e-mail: hristo.kyuchukov@us.edu.pl

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