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Draft of the measures to be taken to support the return to on-site classes

The pandemic situation poses significant challenges to the life quality of people of different ages. The restrictions developed due to the worsening epidemiological situation caused significant changes in the daily routines of numerous social groups. Decreased spread of the virus, along with the ongoing vaccination programme, allows us to look at the future with optimism, yet it raises new challenges related to the return to on-site work and classes. This return will be another change in the routine we got used to during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to face the challenges related to the return to on-site classes and professional work, the University Centre for Creative Citizenship proposes a set of actions and methods of monitoring, which can support drafting and implementing tasks related to the return to on-site classes and work in educational institutions.

uczniowie siedzą w klasie/students sitting in a classroom

grupa osób siedzi w pomieszczeniu/a group of people sitting in a room

Research project in the field of creating strategies in local labour markets, taking into account planned recruitment of foreign employees and complex process of their integration

International project comprising cooperation with universities, government institutions, local self-governments, district job agencies, emergency centres, and other entities, whose operation has or may have an influence on the phenomenon which is the subject of this project.


“Mental Functioning of Participants of the Distance Learning Process on an Academic Level” Project

The project is focused on the analysis of risk and protective factors concerning the phenomena of burning out during pandemic, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cyber-victimisation.

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