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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Offer for self-government partners, educational institutions, and non-governmental organisations

  • diagnostics of social competencies and social problems based on research instruments developed within the framework of the Centre’s activity;
  • creation of research instruments dedicated to diagnostics of specific behaviours and personality factors, which are significant for citizenship attitudes;
  • expert opinions and analyses of social problems and issues for the needs of public organisations and institutions;
  • preparing seminars, trainings, and conferences geared to meet expectations of the social environment;
  • constant monitoring of the needs of social institutions regarding the solutions for social issues, developed by the Centre thanks to contact with social partners;
  • publication of research results and practical solutions during significant national and international meetings (e.g. Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE);
  • creating spaces for organising student internships, schools, and science camps.

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