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Scientists from the University of Silesia among the winners of MINIATURA 5

02.12.2021 - 13:40 update 03.12.2021 - 11:33
Editors: wcyg

National Science Centre has published another ranking list of the MINIATURA 5 call for proposals. The winners include employees from the University of Silesia, whose scientific activities have been qualified for funding under the programme.

The competition is addressed to researchers who have not taken part in NCN-funded research projects. Funding awarded under could have been designated for preliminary/pilot studies, library and archive searches, scientific internship, research visits and consultations.


Winners from the University of Silesia:

Faculty of Humanities:

  • Agnieszka Lenart, PhD – scientific internship “Russian-language literature in Israel”, 36 895 PLN,
  • Witold Jerzy Marzęda, PhD – library/archive searches “Sentence and its stage. Deictic foundations of cognitive semantics”, 6 193 PLN.


Faculty of Science and Technology:

  • Maria Książek, PhD – scientific internship: “The Effect of Pressure on Phase and Spin Transitions in the 2D Coordination Polymer [Fe(bbtr)3](BF4)2”, 13 915 PLN.


Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Agnieszka Miarka, PhD – preliminary/pilot studies “Analysis of factors influencing the results of the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2021 – election strategy «smart voting»”, 11 540 PLN.


Faculty of Law and Administration:

  • Tomasz Szczygieł, PhD – library/archive searches: “Supreme Military Court in Warsaw 1919-1962” 9 084 PLN.


Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  • Agnieszka Sosinka, PhD – preliminary/pilot studies: “Effect of dietary polypropylene on the epithelium of the midgut of Galleria mellonella larvae (Lepidoptera, Insecta)” 49 940 PLN


Ranking lists are available on the website of National Science Centre.

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photo: Giammarco | Unsplash

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