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About a new concept of human’s being in the world – a new book by Marcin Fabjański, PhD

23.06.2022 - 16:18 update 06.07.2022 - 09:45
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Is life within the physical dimension of our planet a limitation for the human being? Marcin Fabjański, PhD from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia in Katowice claims that it isn’t.

„Embodied Nature and Health: How to Attune to the Open-source Intelligence”, the new book by Marcin Fabjański, PhD, presents a theory that human’s survival and ability to develop as a species depends on realising our intimate relationship with the nature. According to the author, this can be done through active participation in the development of nature: ‘Life within the physical dimension of the planet is not a limitation for us, but rather our liberation,’ he writes in the introduction.

‘In reality, intelligence understood as the basis for efficient navigation does not come from our brain, heart, nervous system, or even body, but it is the function of the whole environment, which leads to the term “open-source intelligence”,’ says the author. ‘We are entangled within the world around us, and this entanglement, ignored by the egocentric and anthropocentric point of view, defines our identity.’

In his publication, the researcher presents the notion of „intimate friendship”, which comes from studying personal process of life rather than books. He describes a systemic analysis focused on the presence of cultivating well-being through particular methods of physical and mental activities in relationship with the nature. They are intended to help an individual human being adjust to the rhythms of nature and find a practical approach to well-being.

The book presents a methodology which can be used in schools as a basis for sports training, as well as in the field of self-development. It emphasizes the need to develop a new, accessible relationship of human being the natural environment.

Marcin Fabjański, PhD is a philosopher, meditation teacher, lecturer of the University of Silesia, founder of the Apennine School of Living Philosophy in Italy and New Presence Foundation in Poland. He is also the author of „Stoicyzm uliczny. Jak Oswajać trudne sytuacje” (Street stoicism. How to domesticate difficult situations, 2021), “Uwolnij się. Dobre życie według siedmiu filozofów-terapeutów” (Free yourself. Good life according to seven philosophers-therapists, 2020), „Aureliusz Apple Core” (2011), as well as „Europowieści” (Eurotales, 2005) and „Wędrówki filozoficzne” (Philosophical wanderings, 2003).

His latest book was released on 23 June 2022 by Routledge, a British publishing house specialised in scientific literature, especially humanist, social and natural, as well as in journals and online materials dedicated to other fields of knowledge.

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