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A literary guide to contemporary Lviv

| Maria Sztuka |   Lviv lives on in the memory of several nationalities. It inspires not only multilingual artists who, fascinated by the unique atmosphere of the castle on the Poltva River, devote their lives to it, but it also motivates many scientists to study the city’s multiculturalism and sources of creative fascination. Last...

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“Parents in the face of climate change” | Report from scientists of the University of Silesia

| Magdalena Ochwat, PhD, and Anna Guzy, PhD |   It is already the third and last report regarding the most important representatives of the educational process – teachers, students, and parents – in the face of climate change. Earlier, in 2021, Magdalena Ochwat, PhD and Anna Guzy, PhD, from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research...

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University of Silesia equal and diverse

| Małgorzata Kłoskowicz | In March 2020, the European Commission’s gender equality strategy for 2020–2025 was published. As part of the strategy, a document that aims to promote the idea of equal opportunities for researchers, regardless of gender, in the European higher education space was published. Three actions are to serve this purpose: creating the...

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