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Patent | SPA for plants – a new composition enhancing the penetration of plant tissues

26.08.2021 - 11:24 update 19.04.2022 - 11:52
Editors: MK
Tags: nauki chemiczne

|Małgorzata Kłoskowicz|

Ointments, creams and gels that we use in our daily skin care usually contain additional chemical compounds that enhance skin penetration. Thanks to them, active ingredients reach their destination more easily, which increases the effectiveness of the cosmetic. This also applies to pharmaceuticals. Such enhancement of the effectiveness of active ingredients through the use of specifically designed additives is, however, not a new idea, as it was born in the 50s of the last century. Perfect compositions were not only intended to enhance penetration of compounds through organ surfaces, but also had to be non-toxic to the body and appreciably metabolised.

Scientists have found that similar solutions can applied by plant breeders who use many different preparations, for example, accelerating the growth of crops or protecting them from the effects of unfavorable weather conditions or pests. The improvement in the quality of the performance of these preparations, as in the case of cosmetics, may be achieved by the use of certain additional active substances or excipients that enhance the penetration of – in this case – plant tissues.

An interesting composition improving the penetration of biologically active ingredients through the surfaces of plant organs has been developed by scientists representing the University of Silesia in Katowice and the Charles University in Prague. The composition is water soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable. It can be applied as a solution, directly to the above-ground organs of plants. It increases the effectiveness of active ingredients such as synthetic plant growth regulators, natural plant hormones, fertilizers and plant protection products. This means that plant breeders will be able to use less fertilizers or growth inhibitors which then enter the natural environment.

The effectiveness of the patented composition was tested on corn seedlings; however, the mixture can be used in the process of breeding and cultivation of all plants.

The authors of the invention are scientists from the University of Silesia: Maciej Kapkowski, PhD, Michał Ludynia, PhD; Prof. Eng. Jarosław Polański, Prof. Marzena Dzida, Małgorzata Rudnicka, PhD, Katarzyna Balin, PhD, as well as scientists from the Charles University in Prague: Prof. PharmDr. Martin Doležal PhD, and PharmDr. Petr Kastner, PhD.

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