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Anti-mobbing policy at the University of Silesia

In order to support actions contributing to building positive relations between employees of the University based on mutual respect and equality under the law, the “Anti-mobbing policy at the University of Silesia in Katowice” has been introduced that aims to counteract cases of mobbing at the workplace and stipulates the anti-mobbing procedure.

You are not defenceless in the face of mobbing. You can:

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Present a perpetrator with a notice – a call for ceasing mobbing or mobbing-related actions. Name and describe behaviours you perceive as mobbing and show their systematic character.

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Present your superiors with a notice indicating unacceptable behaviours referring to the Labour Code (Article 94). The Code imposes the obligation on an employer to counteract mobbing; thus, we encourage you to read the “Anti-mobbing Policy at the University of Silesia in Katowice”. According to this Policy: an employee that has experienced reprehensible and unwanted mobbing behaviours in the workplace should take immediate actions and inform the Rector. Accordingly, an employee who has been a witness of the above-characterised behaviours is obliged to inform the Rector or the Committee.

The course of actions regarding submitting of complaint and the work of the Committee is stipulated in the “Anti-mobbing Policy at the University of Silesia in Katowice”. Based on the Committee’s finding, the Rector decides on taking actions regarding this situation based on the fact that mobbing has/has not been found.
If the case concerns an academic, complaint received by the Rector can be forwarded to the Disciplinary Proceedings Representative for Academics on the Rector’s initiative. At the same time, it is possible to lodge a complaint directly to the Disciplinary Proceedings Representative.

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Seek advice at labour unions or the Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values

  • Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP at the University of Silesia)

In 2011, the Polish Teachers’ Union at the University of Silesia appointed the Anti-mobbing Association where all employees (not only the members of the Union) can seek legal advice and general information on mobbing as a threat, what are legal conditions for determining mobbing, how to collect evidence, how to defend oneself, and where to report a problem.

The information, a quick questionnaire, and contact data are available on the Association’s website at www.kam.znp.us.edu.pl.

  • Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarność” at the University of Silesia

At the Company Branch of the Solidarity Trade Union “Solidarność”, there is a Committee for Intervention that receives reports of any manifestation of mobbing and offers help in other professional problems.

The reports are received via e-mail to solidarn@us.edu.pl or phone: 604 493 490.

  • Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values

The Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values is a one-person authority of the University appointed for five years. The Ombudsperson guards the rules of academic freedom and ethical standards in scientific and educational work, strives to amicably resolve conflicts and disputes between university employees, as well as between employees and the University bodies or administration. The Ombudsperson is independent in executing tasks delegated to them and acts according to the rules of confidentiality, impartiality, and neutrality. Each employee of the University of Silesia can receive the Ombudsperson help in the case of mobbing or discrimination. The Ombudsperson accepts the interested people after a prior appointment via phone or e-mail. More information about the Ombudsperson tasks, competencies, and the scope of activities can be found at rzecznik-praw-i-wartosci-akademickich. On the website, you can also find contact details for both the Ombudsperson and their Office.

It should be noted that the provisions of the “Anti-mobbing Policy” do not exclude the possibility for the employee to pursue their rights and claims in court.

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