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Psychological support for students from Ukraine and their families

03.03.2022 - 14:51 update 04.03.2022 - 09:13
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In order to help students from Ukraine and their families, we have launched a possibility of free psychological counselling.

To whom is the psychological support addressed?

All students and their relatives who due to the current situation suffer from severe anxiety, are concerned about their condition, or simply have the need to talk can use psychological counselling.

How to make an appointment?

You have to write a short message to pomoc.psychologiczna@us.edu.pl. In the message write a preferred form of the meeting (on-site in a room or online) Counselling sessions will be realised by professionals in the field of psychological support and employees of the Institute of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia.

How is the support realised?

The counselling sessions are free and realised according to the confidentiality rules. The places for the sessions will be mostly rules available within the campus area. Via an e-mail to pomoc.psychologiczna@us.edu.pl, students and their families can make an appointment for the first session with a psychologist; a long-term contact with a professional is also possible.

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