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Partnership in education

One of the forms of cooperation with the university is the involvement of companies and institutions in the education process. Joint actions taken to prepare young people for entering the labour market benefit both parties. The university makes contacts with partners in various projects and improves its educational programmes, and the business environment has an impact on the development of competences and practical skills of students, i.e. potential employees.


Programme and Business Councils

The mission of the Programme and Business Councils is to support the university in creating high-quality study programmes and to give opinions on projects in the field of education, research and infrastructure development. The effects of cooperation between business and science are the educational, research and implementation projects which are jointly developed and implemented. For companies and organizations, it is an opportunity to build good relationships with students and university graduates, strengthen the company’s image and gain new, well-educated employees. The Program and Business Council includes, among others, representatives of local government bodies, enterprises, business environment institutions, financial institutions, economic and social circles, and University employees. The Council’s tasks also include expressing opinions on the expectations of employers towards university graduates and assissting in developing attractive internship and apprenticeship programmes tailored to the changing labor market.


Thanks to the close cooperation of the University with the business environment, employers have the opportunity to engage in the education process by organizing lectures and classes for students. Representatives of a company or institution may conduct optional or obligatory classes included in the study programme, teach additional subjects as well as conduct clases within the framework of EU and ministerial projects.

When a business partner intends to conduct classes included in the study programme, they should contact the Career Office until the end of July (classes in the winter term) and the end of December (classes in the summer term). For additional subjects, please contact us throughout the entire academic year. The class schedule is adapted to the students’ plan and the employer’s availability.

Information on the cooperation within the sphere of education is provided by the Career Office of the University of Silesia.

Career Office of the University of Silesia
Rector’s office, Bankowa 12
40-007 Katowice
tel.: +48 32 359 19 82
e-mail: bk@us.edu.pl or careercentre@us.edu.pl

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